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Let us be honest, it is never easy organizing a successful photography shoot. Finding the ideal location, hiring the right equipment at the best price possible, and assembling a highly skilled creative team requires excellent contacts, extensive research and time – often in short supply. That’s why Frank-Adam is here, helping you every step of the way so that you can deliver on brief, on budget and on schedule without additional stress.

About us

Frank-Adam launched in the autumn of 2009, offering production support to the creative and media industries, photographers and agents. Our service is carefully designed to deal with the finer details so that you can concentrate on the creative process and final images.

To date, we have consulted for growing media agencies, established broadcasters and global photographic agencies on a wide range of multimedia projects. Working alongside you, as part of your team, we are best placed to understand your personal needs and project requirements, delivering the best service possible.

To us it is more than just another production; it’s your production.

They say you are the sum of your experience and we have been working in the industry for over 18 years both here in the UK and the US. Our collective international experience ranges from picture editing, commissioning and artist representation to art directing, production coordination and finding the perfect photographer for the brief (in other words Art Buying, but more on that later).

We know what you expect from a job  -  and we know how to do it.

Frank-Adam offers a complete photographic production support service, working with you from the initial concept stage through to post production, ensuring you meet those all-important deadlines and budgets.

Our services

Frank-Adam offers a complete photographic production support service, working with you from the initial concept stage through to post production, ensuring you meet those all-important deadlines and budgets.

Transparent budgeting and reconciliation
Logistics planning
Contract and fee negotiation
Art buying
Casting and model booking
Location scouting and hire
Providing insurance and permits advice
Lighting and equipment hire
Sourcing set designers and builders
Sourcing stylists and make-up artists
Sourcing prop and food stylists
Arranging travel and hotel accommodation
Organising transport and catering

Art buying

Art buying refers to the rigorous selection process required to find the right photographer
for the brief. 

Fortunately Frank-Adam has had the pleasure of working with many talented photographers, enabling us to cultivate an extensive network of photography agents and specialized photographers working in portraiture, reportage, still life, motoring, wildlife, architecture, underwater, aerial and high speed.

Frank-Adam is committed to seeking out and supporting emerging talent, staying ahead of trends and showcasing new work by established photographers. Follow our Tumblr page to see the latest talent!

Photographer: Mark Fagelson

Photographer: Mark Fagelson

Our work

Close Project

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Client: Square Enix

Agency: Liquid Crimson

Project: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Usage: Online Promo Videos & Social Media Still campaign

Role: Photography & Video Production

Creative/ Photography: Steve Brown



Social Media campaign photography: - and here -

Videos can be viewed here:




Close Project

BBCWW Ad Campaigns

Client: BBCWW

Project: (Top Left to Right) Factomania, Best In Town, Million Dollar Intern and Mud, Sweat & Gears

Usage: Print & all media

Role: Photography Production

Photographer: Steve Brown

factomania_best in town

msg&million dollar

Working alongside photographer Steve Brown, we helped create these striking campaign images within tight budgets and timeframes.




Close Project


Client: NIKE
Project: Various Nike Events
Usage: Social Media Campaigns
Role: Photography Production

Nike events, Basketball on the Southbank and Brixton

Leap day basketball match on the Southbank & World Basketball day hosted in Brixton

Nike Training Day, British 10k

Nike Training Day, British 10k

Fuel Fest at Battersea Power station, featuring Tinie Tempah

Fuel Fest party at Battersea Power station featuring Tinie Tempah

Challenge: Working within strict image briefs we were asked to document a series of Nike events at various locations in London. The images needed to be approved, retouched, resized and uploaded to Nike’s various social media platforms under tight time constraints. The Nike stunts included Nike Leap Day, Supernatural Launch, World Basketball Festival, Tinie Tempah’s Scavenger Hunt, Nike Training Club workshops, Nike British 10k run and an interactive Fuel Fest concert at Battersea Power station.

Solution: Utilising the expertise of high-end Sports and Music photographers we skilfully coordinated our selected team at each event. There were, in many cases, simultaneous stunts occurring at the same time. This required careful planning and coordination to successfully cover each area’s brief. Due to the demands of the deadline we devised an edit workflow with our on-location digital editors to enable them to edit and select images from the thousands that were being shot. Working closely with the client we were able to deliver the images that they requested and in the required formats.  

Result: Nike successfully promoted all of the UK events through their various social media platforms including their live ‘Fuel stream’ feed. 

Close Project

EA Games – FIFA EURO 12

Client: AKQA

Project: EA Games –  FIFA 12 Euro 2012

Usage: Advertising – Print & Online

Role: Production & Art Buying 

Photographer: Dylan Collard

EA Games FIFA Euro 2012 print ad

EA Games FIFA Euro 2012 print ad
EA Games FIFA Euro 2012 Germany print ad & online banners

EA Games FIFA Euro 2012 Germany print ad & online banners

Challenge: To photograph for print and online campaigns covering 8 different European territories promoting the FIFA EURO 2012 game. We needed to find models that appeared as though they were native from each of the relevant countries. We needed to get approvals for all of the models from all of the countries involved before progressing with the shoot, whilst working to a tight deadline.

Solution: We provided the full 360 support from art buying, coordination of the shoot, right through to overseeing the post production phase and delivery of the final images. Working closely with the agency we coordinated all of the needs from each of the European offices at every stage of the production. We organised an extensive casting week to find all of the football fans and even brought our retoucher to set to work closely with the client during the shoot. The entire crew worked tirelessly to produce the 8 print campaigns and various online images in just 2 days.

Result: From Dylan’s expert shooting and perseverance, our amazing crew were able to deliver the great campaign in time to launch the new game successfully.

Close Project

Potter’s Herbals

Client: Potters Herbals
Project: Mr. Potter
Usage: Advertising
Role: Producer
Photographer: Gary Moyes

Challenge: Potter’s have been pioneering their herbal remedy for nearly 200 years and this was the first advertising campaign that would feature Mr. Potter, therefore the model was key to the success of the adverts.  The intention was to maximize the shooting day to provide a wide range of costume and props options for various product launches. We were given 2 days to turn the shoot around, secure the CD’s model selection and negotiate their contract (with the inclusion of TV advertising), source costume and Victorian backdrop.

Solution: We broke the shoot down into all of its elements and organized the shooting schedule in such a way so that alternatives could be sourced on the morning of the shoot and photographed in the afternoon. Having a strong team that worked effortlessly together was key to the success of the shoot.

Result: The photography formed the basis a successful advertising campaign and consequently model that portrays Mr. Potter has appeared at press launches of the product.

Close Project

ITV ‘Whitechapel’

Client: ITV
Project: Whitechapel TV series
Usage: Advertising
Role: On-set Producer
Photographer: Steve Brown


Challenge: At very short notice, we were asked to assist on set with the Advertising campaign for a high profile, prime time drama ‘‘Whitechapel’.

Solution: Identified the areas of the shoot that had to be completed including model release contracts, costume design and last minute location scouting. This project required “on the job” organizational and problem solving skills.

Result: The photography formed the basis a successful advertising campaign for the show which aired in October 2010.


Close Project

Discovery ‘My Other Life’

Client: Discovery Networks Europe & Save the Children
Project: My Other Life’ Exhibition

Usage: Marketing Event
Role: Art Buyer & Producer
Photographer: Neil Wilder, Derrick Santini and Pete Dadds.

Challenge: We were asked to collaborate with Discovery Channel on their first ever exhibition which consisted of 30 Portraits that demonstrate a person’s ‘secret’ other life.

Solution: Working with both Discovery competition winners and selected celebrities we incorporated the various topics that the Discovery channel offers to their audience e.g. history, art, health, etc, To help create authenticity of the ‘Other life’ the photographers shot on location all over the UK, New York, & Sri Lanka..

Result: The final images were exhibited to the public for two & half weeks at the OXO tower gallery.

Close Project

Discovery ‘Inspiration in life’

Client: Discovery Networks Europe
Project: ‘Inspiration In Life’ Exhibition
Usage: Ad-Sales Marketing Event
Role: Photography Consultant and Producer
Photographer: Graeme Stuart

Challenge: We were asked to deliver an exhibition of 30 Portraits of ‘inspirational’ people from the ad-sales community that have done, or do something extraordinary outside of their working life. The exhibition would help highlight and creatively market Discovery Channel offerings by focusing on the aspirations of the viewer.. We worked closely with the marketing team from the initial concept, photographer selection, through to final image delivery and exhibition layout.


Close Project

BBC Stock brand collection

Client: BBC Worldwide Online
Project: BBC Stock images for Lifestyle marketing
Usage: Stock brand collection
Role: Photography Consultant and Producer
Photographer: Charlotte Tolhurst

Challenge: We were asked to develop a range of contemporary stock imagery initially for the BBC Lifestyle online platforms and these would form their internal library.

Solution: We shot over 100 images that covered everything from food ingredients, to a range of lifestyle accessories from make-up to household tools,

Result: These will be initially be used for ‘backdrop’ pages and future marketing campaigns..

Close Project

BBC Celebrity presenters

Client BBC Worldwide
Project Celebrity presenters
Usage Global advertising
Role Photography Consultant and Producer
Photographer Gary Moyes

Challenge: The imagery was required to compliment the on-air campaigns and have a contemporary edge. In addition the celebrities needed to be photographed to also form part of a library of images that could be used by the marketing team and their affiliates. They needed maximum flexibility and have full clearance global rights (for all territories) and be delivered in all required formats.

Solution: We sourced and presented suitable photographers that had the right combination of on-set and strong portraiture experience. We attended all pre-production meetings with external production companies and internal BBC meetings marketing teams to ensure that all needs were being met. Working along side the production companies on set and around their shooting schedule we organised seperate studios need to location to give the photographer time to get the shots.

Result: Successfully provided a wide selection of celebrity presenters images to promote the new content and channels in the BBC global markets.

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect

    Murdered: Soul Suspect

  • BBCWW Ad Campaigns

    BBCWW Ad Campaigns

  • Nike


  • EA Games – FIFA EURO 12

    EA Games – FIFA EURO 12

  • Potter’s Herbals

    Potter’s Herbals

  • ITV ‘Whitechapel’

    ITV ‘Whitechapel’

  • Discovery ‘My Other Life’

    Discovery ‘My Other Life’

  • Discovery ‘Inspiration in life’

    Discovery ‘Inspiration in life’

  • BBC Stock brand collection

    BBC Stock brand collection

  • BBC Celebrity presenters

    BBC Celebrity presenters

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